Additional Distribution for Audiobooks on CD

AudioInk provides physical CD distribution for AudioBooks, selling through a network of 25,000 mass market retailers, bookstores and libraries.


AudioInk Publishing has commercialized over 1,000 recordings from over 250 authors since 2005. These audio products include digital distribution for audio recordings and physical distribution to virtually every store where audiobooks are sold.


Every audiobook will be carefully considered for physical distribution as a physical product. If our Content Editors select your material for physical distribution in a compilation or as a standalone product, you will enjoy exposure and a boost in royalty income…a benefit ONLY available from working with AudioInk.


Each physical audiobook distributed is manufactured in several formats including:

1. Audio CD version in a retail box for bookstore sales

2.  Reusable case for library sales and back-of-room sales

3.  MP3 CDs

4. Digital Downloads


You can  purchase inventory at 50% off the retail price for sales on your website and back of room.  Additional quantity discounts are available for orders over 100 units.


  • Audios must be professionally recorded, either in-studio or through a soundboard at live events.  This includes audiobooks, keynote speeches and information products.
  • Audios must have commercial appeal with a great Title and Sub-Title.  Click here for Tips on writing a compelling Description for your audio release.  Our team of experts will walk your product through the system.
  • Your audio recording may be included in a Made for Success custom compilation.  AudioBook compilations pertain directly to the subject material of each product such as Leadership, Sales Skills, Communications, Public Speaking, Customer Service, Parenting, Relationships, Finance, Health, Diet and more. 



AudioInk strives to provide the best royalties possible to all our customers. Where products sold through digital channels earn a 50% royalty, physical CD compilations earn a 25% royalty which is one of the highest royalty rates paid on physical published products – ever. To maximize your earning power, know that well over half of all royalties paid on audiobooks are generated from the sale of physical CDs.


Getting Started:

The next step is the click on the button below or call 425-526-6480.  A friendly Account Manager will contact you shortly with all the next steps in commercializing your audiobook on CD.