The Writer’s Academy

The Writer’s Academy

Turning Your Book into a Business


We are amidst an unprecedented opportunity in book  publishing, never seen before.

Millions of people are caught in the fear and uncertainty of an  unstable economy.  These very same people  are  desperately looking for  advice, coaching, expertise, and positive how-to  information from caring, authentic, and well-informed experts and trainers.  They are looking for guidance from trustworthy experts who can inspire and instruct them on how to improve their lives or grow their businesses.

Simply put, they are looking for You!

Hi.  I’m Bryan Heathman, President of Made for Success.   I publish  products for Zig Ziglar, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Brian Tracy, Dianna Booher, Tom Hopkins, Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Laura Stack (NSA President), and even Donald Trump.  I am also author of Conversion Marketing:  16 Psychological Techniques to Convert Website Visitors into Customers. I am opening my roster to publish new authors, to follow in the footsteps of these great giants.

As you are reading this, you might be wondering if you’ve got what it takes to become an author or the create a Best Seller with you book you have already published.  Let’s explore this…

Perhaps you’re a great trainer, a self-published author, professional speaker or even a life coach, and you are wondering how you can take your ideas to the next level…out to the world…and get paid for it?!  You see, as you may know, great book writers are everywhere, but what you don’t know is what it takes to turn a great book into a best selling book!

Here’s where AudioInk can help you.  Since 1998, Made for Success, the parent publishing company of AudioInk, has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties to experts who at one time, just like you, asked these same questions.  As a result, we’ve helped them turn their ideas into reality!  Made for Success currently publishes over 150 authors, from top name leaders to up-and-coming speakers, trainers and authors.  2012 may be the year for you.

Made for Success

My GUESS is that though you’re smart,  you’re not acting smart enough.  You’re smart in the sense that you know creating a book can potentially generate royalties that could  become  massive recurring revenue  for you both online and offline.

 Advanced book marketing for experts, authors, speakers and coaches.

Build your expert empire with confidence & flair. We take the guesswork out of book marketing for the world’s leading experts.

My second guess is the area you need to get smarter in, is knowing how to turn  your book into a business that will earn you life-long revenues AND create legions of worldwide fanatical fans.  Enabling you to create even more products that will open the doors to endless speaking & coaching engagements!

Simply put, you’ve probably been playing small.  Maybe you just haven’t had the training you need.

Or the hunger…..

Frankly, the new information about book marketing will STUN you.

In the Writer’s Academy, I reveal the EXACT strategies I used to generate MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in retail sales this year…and the last seven years in a row!

Imagine, making money while you sleep.

I will show you how to use these strategies,  model them and make them your own.  Working together, we can change the world with YOUR ideas.

Over 500,000 books are published EVERY YEAR…and it keeps getting easier to launch a book with services like iUniverse, Create Space and Smashwords!  This means more competition, which means it is harder to succeed today than ever before in history.  The #1 problem for authors today is:  OBSCURITY!

Millions of people are looking for how-to advice to improve their lot in life.  I know how to get YOU and your book found!  And have a successful blueprint for turning your book into a profitable business.

Leaders who trust & work with Bryan Heathman today include:

The National Speaker’s Association Million Dollar Round  Table  asked  me,  Bryan Heathman, to educate their exclusive  members including Brian Tracy, Dianna Booher and Harvey Mackay.


Zig Ziglar called me to orchestrate his worldwide book launch in 2012.


SUCCESS Magazine works with Made for Success to launch their “Motivational Legends” product to the world.

Donald Trump contracted me to launch 3 products into the marketplace to expand his information empire.



Signing contracts in Brian Tracy’s limo  between speaking engagements with Get Motivated Seminars, then hanging-out back stage with General Colin Powell (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Bill Cosby.

Bill Gates’ companies hired me to launch products for his software empire…twice!

 So What’s my Big Secret?

Get involved with the Writer’s Academy to find out.  There are 2 options to getting started:

1.  You can “dip your toes” into the water with our free Full Circle Product Training eCourse via email.  We will email a comprehensive guide for creating product to turn your book into a business, along with the Top 10 Book Marketing Techniques for 2013.



2.  If you are serious about creating and marketing your book, then sign-up for the The Writer’s Academy.  Join the Writer’s Academy  for $3,950 and get started with in-depth coaching to make your book a success:

  • Monthly one-on-one author coaching calls with Bryan Heathman and the AudioInk Publishing team
  • Monthly teleseminars with guest experts, including New York Times best selling authors offering their success stories
  • Unlimited access to powerful articles & entertaining audio courses, just for authors
  • 2 free Golden Tickets to the Authors Academy live seminar in Seattle, organized quarterly

The Writer’s Academy includes a series of monthly meetings online, plus a powerful live seminar with 2 tickets to a weekend seminar with essential hands-on training including:

  • Draft a book in a day
  • Create your Book Marketing Plan
  • The 7-essential elements of a viral YouTube video
  • Positioning your book – an essential building-block in book marketing training
  • Book cover design – do’s and don’ts, with the 7 deadly mistakes
  • How to Title your book to generate sales
  • Custom advice on your Title, Sub-Title and book Description
  • Keyword economics – using keywords to generate free publicity for your book
  • Book pricing – our team will recommend the perfect price strategy
  • Create amazingly lucrative “upsell products”
  • Create ongoing royalty income with subscription products
  • Specific methods on how to stimulate a “Buyers Rush” at live events for your back of room table
  • License your book to foreign markets— can you say mailbox money?!
  • Book promotions that work…and time-saving strategies that don’t work!
  • Discover the hidden opportunity of bulk sales to corporations
  • Create a marketing plan, using the AudioInk Conversion Funnel
  • Media tour Case Studies
  • We always throw-in a couple author stories so you won’t waste your time & money

Like no other author’s training program, join the Authors Academy and receive a GUARANTEED PUBLISHING CONTRACT WITHIN ONE YEAR!

Authors have two options to get started. We have discovered that the earlier you get started, the greater your success. Every detail matters, right down to how you structure your Table of Contents.

Option 1:   12 easy payments of $400, spread-out over 12-months.  The sooner you get started, the sooner we will get to work on your Best Seller.
Option 2:  Save $850 with one up-front payment of $3,950
You will learn the essentials of what I know about book development, distribution and maximizing royalty income in 2013! Plus, you will network with an amazing group of like-minded authors and speakers, who will become friends for life.


The Writer’s Academy live seminar will be taught by expert teachers and speakers, lead by Bryan Heathman and Dawn Jones.  Questions? Send us an email to bheathman @ or give us a call at 425-526-6480.

About Bryan Heathman  Bryan Heathman - Speaker

Bryan Heathman is the President of Made For Success, Inc, a personal development audiobook publisher specializing in business and life-skill audio recordings from the world’s top professional speakers. Bryan has grown the company from the idea phase through product distribution with mass merchant retail chains worldwide including Costco, Sam’s Club, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Borders Books.   Bryan is author of the book Conversion Marketing, on using powerful psychological buying triggers in an ecommerce storefront to convert web site visitors into paying customers.

Bryan’s expertise comes from running hundreds of online promotional campaigns for leading marketers such as Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Travelocity, Nissan and several of the world’s largest Tourism Bureaus.  His Fortune 500 experience includes working for Microsoft, 24/7 Real Media, Eastman Kodak and Xerox.

Bryan is a featured speaker at associations such as the Photographic Marketing Association, American Marketing Association and Direct Marketing Association.  Bryan holds a BS Degree in Economics with minors in Marketing and Music.

About Dawn Jones Dawn Jones - Expert Trainer

Dawn Jones has had an exemplary career as a high-powered professional.  She is an international speaker, corporate trainer and business leader. After more than 19 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, she knows the secrets to success inside out.

As a professional speaker, Dawn is passionate about helping people reach their goals and live their dreams; as well as helping them discover the essentials of communicating for results, building self-esteem, and unlocking their paths to success.

Her fast-paced delivery, sprinkled with impacting stories and anecdotes, makes her one of the most stimulating and sought-after speakers in her specialty areas.  Dawn addresses eager audiences both LIVE and on audio.  Her corporate travels have taken her to Australia, New Zealand, England, and across North America.  Her recently published recordings include “Taking Control of Time and Priorities and Organizing Your Work and Life,” as well as “Conflict Management Skills for Women.”

In her free time Dawn travels with her husband to East Africa where they volunteer with non-profit groups to help build a hope and a future for the next generation.

More than a theorist, Dawn has put her insights and methods to the test over and over in real-life situations both professionally and personally. They are easy to implement. They work. And when combined, they create a concrete road map people can use to triumph over obstacles in their life and achieve their goals.


We look forward to meeting you and joining fellow authors in the Authors Academy. Enjoy expert training, valuable networking with best selling authors, special guest speaker sessions and incredible mastermind networking.

Want to learn more?  Sign-up for the free Writer’s Advantage eCourse today.