Mobile App Beta Program

***LIMITED-TIME OFFER From AudioInk!***


As AudioInk strives to lead the digital publishing revolution, we have recently started producing and distributing eBooks as apps to be sold in the mobile market. In an effort to help our authors expand their market presence, we are offering 10 authors the opportunity to have their book converted and distributed into a Shell iPhone App for just $99

1. Email your name, book title, and a quick message to
2. Pick the App which is right for your business and indicate whether this will be a ebook, audiobook or a combined ebook with audiobook (applicable to option 2 and 3 only).
3. The first 10 authors to email us will be contacted with further instructions for participating in this Beta program.


Note: Your eBook must already be published by AudioInk to receive mobile app publishing

The mobile app industry is experiencing tremendous growth with over $15 billion in revenue being generated each year. For authors, this means there’s a whole new world of opportunities to market, distribute, and earn money from your content. Here are the 3 ways to think about mobile apps, earn royalties, and help market your book…


1. SHELL APP: Make your book available to purchase within existing mobile apps:
  • Description: By embedding your audio and ebook content into an existing mobile app (or Shell), you enjoy low set-up fees and broad distribution of the app on most major platforms.
  • Benefits: Low production/conversion costs, low marketing costs and distribution on both the iPhone and Android platforms. Modest royalty rates (shared with shell app provider).
  • Average Price: $200


2. SEMI-CUSTOM APP: Publish your book as a stand-alone mobile app:


  • Description: Create a dedicated app, branded to your content within a pre-existing App format. The option exists to combine a book and an audiobook together.
  • Benefits: Creating your own app is an excellent branding tool.  By reading a book and listening to an audiobook together, comprehension increases 70% as the experience engages multiple senses. Excellent royalty rates.
  • Average Price: $595


3. CUSTOM APP: Produce a custom mobile app to supplement your book:


  • Description: Some authors have elected to create a tool around the principles of their book, creating an immersive experience which consumers use daily.
  • Benefits: Full engagement with your brand and your materials.  Excellent royalty rates.
  • Average Price: Prices start at $10,000 per platform (iPhone, Android).

If you want to be on the cutting edge of marketing and distributing your book, there are 10 spots left in this Beta program. Follow the directions to get started.

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