Past, Present, and Future of eBooks

It’s pretty amazing to think about how far eBooks have come. Just a few years ago the thought of reading a book electronically through a device called an e-reader was unheard of. Now we’ve seen these little oddities revolutionize an entire industry, take down an entire retail giant, and find their way into millions of homes across the world.

This week we here at Made For Success and AudioInk would like to take you through some of the highlights of the Past, Present, and Future of eBooks…

Past (from 2007):

  • 2007 – Amazon changes the publishing landscape by introducing its Kindle e-reader
  • 2009 – Barnes & Noble releases the Nook e-reader
  • 2010 – Apple releases the iPad with an eBook app called iBooks
  • 2010 – Amazon announces that eBook sales outnumbered physical books for first time ever


  • eBook sales are growing by nearly 200% annually
  • Amazon has largest market share of eBook sales (Amazon-58%, B&N-27%, Apple-9%)
  • Google recently launched Google eBooks


  • Amazon is expected to release a touch-tablet Kindle that will directly compete with iPad
  • eBook rental/subscription services are likely to be introduced by major retailers
  • eBooks will become more interactive (video, sound, apps, customization)

Check out this article discussing the future of interactive eBooks:,0,1129149.story

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