Book Marketing

We Get the Word Out!

Book Marketing is an essential game-changer when you get it right! We know what works….and What doesn’t.

As the premier provider of publishing services to speakers and authors, we have the marketing know-how and expertise to get your book noticed. We provide a full portfolio of excellent marketing tools and promotional vehicles.

Your work will need exposure and publicity to succeed. Regardless of what type of book you have written, if you want your book to sell, a marketing plan is a must. AudioInk Publishing acts as your personal marketing firm, running campaigns on your behalf in order to foster interest, awareness, and ultimately book sales.

Book Marketing Essentials

  • 5X5 Book Website – Conversion-optimized book website with 5 essential book components.
  • SnowBall Campaign – Customer Reviews on Amazon, GoodReads and B&
  • FREEmium Campaign – Boost awareness with a 5-day free Campaign of you book.

Author’s Content Marketing

  • Social Media Auto-Posting – Builds fans plus automated posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Blog Auto-Posting – Automated Blog posts to your website on a regular schedule.
  • Professional Copywriting – Writer to develop email newsletters, blog posts and social media posts.

Advanced Marketing

  • Speaker Mobile App – A mobile app, like a mini speaker website with social updates.
  • Speaker One Sheet – Pitch like a pro with a stylized overview of your keynote for meeting pros.
  • Speaker Website – Website dedicated to selling speaking opportunities.
  • Phone Campaign – Sales pro to get on the phone to product leads or organize book-signing
  • Lead Generation Campaign – Map-out the message for your audience, list sourcing & campaign strategy.
  • Keynote Video Trailer – 3 minutes video to demonstrate speaking skills to meeting planners.
  • Back Room Kit – Turnkey Marketing Kit with book poster, bookmarks, cards, cloth and light
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller – Promote your book to 500,000 targeted consumers through partnerships.
  • Sales Representation - Contact corporations, bookstores, retailers and libraries to sell-in books