Publishing Freedom Package

Not all books are created equal. We know how to design books…that sell. Bookstores, Libraries, Europe, Australia, South America and more… ($4,500)

Every book we create includes answers to common questions:

What size is best for my book? How do I price it? What are my page layout options? Can I get it distributed to bookstores? Who should print my book?

What’s included in my package?:

♦  First, We walk you through each step of the process.

♦  Softcover, Standard Trade Size Book

♦  Custom Cover Design (4 concepts, 1 image)

♦  Custom Interior Layout (200 pages)

 Support Representative who walks you personally through the process, step by step

♦  Physical book Distribution with all major Online booksellers World-Wide

♦  Manuscripts up to 60,000 words

♦  Custom eBook with attention to detail

♦  eBook distribution to all Major Online Retailers and 42 online retailers World Wide

♦  10 free Images/ Charts/ Graphs

♦  10 free copies of your book


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