eBook Retail Distribution

You do the writing…we tell the world! 

The first step to success is to send us your final book manuscript and we work with you to produce a world class eBook.  Your eBook will be published with prominent retailers such as Amazon, Apple’s iTunes, B&N, and many other leading retail outlets making your eBook available across the globe.

Amazon, one of the world’s leading book retailers, recently reported that eBook unit sales outsold paperback unit sales and hardback unit sales.  There is no time like the present to distribute your writing as an eBook!

  • Excellent Earnings: You will earn a healthy royalty of 70% on all eBook sales.  Our goal is to help you succeed and to create a flourishing marketplace for your writing, hence you keep the lion’s share of profit.
  • Reach More Readers: Publishing your eBook with AudioInk will dramatically increase your book’s exposure and reach new audiences.  If your book is in print, physical availability can become a significant hurdle in exposing your target audience to your writing.  With electronic publication, there is no limit to the availability of your book, resulting in more sales and more income to you.
  • Future Proof: The technology of electronic reading continues to advance and AudioInk will be advancing along with it to ensure successful sales of your eBook.  We structured our royalty payment plan so we win together, giving us both a vested interest in YOUR success.  AudioInk prides itself on presenting its content on the most advanced systems and supporting the latest and greatest formatting to ensure a great reader experience and world-class exposure for our authors.


Check out How It Works and eBook Publication Tips for suggestions to save time and money in preparing your writing for distribution on the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK and other up- and-coming devices.