Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your questions are addressed in these frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you can’t find an answer!

What is AudioInk?

AudioInk provides authors the ability to Publish your eBooks, AudioBooks, Mobile Apps and Physical Books to the broadest array of retailers possible.  From ebooks to hard cover books, authors worldwide are selling their writing to a mass market retail audience enabled by AudioInk.

Can I view my AudioInk sales?

You will receive a comprehensive quarterly report with information on sales generated by AudioInk’s massive retail network.

Who do I contact with questions about my sales?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have at Support or call us at 425-526-6480.

Where can people buy my content?

We make all of your content available on iTunes iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and over 40 more eBook retail stores worldwide.    Keep checking back as we add more retailers to our network including stores in Germany, Brazil, France, UK, India, Australia and more.


How long does it take once I’ve submitted my eBook manuscript before its available online?

It depends on the level of multimedia content needed in your work such as audio or video, but it generally takes 14-21 days upon receipt of your materials for your eBook to become available in all of our retailers.  AudioBooks typically take 30-days to go live.

How do I leave a review?

Simply email your review to  We would love to hear what you have to say and how our service helped you turn a profit.  Include your website link and we are happy to publish a back link to your website (which Google likes).

Is my information kept secure?

Yes, we take our customer’s privacy very seriously.  You can find our privacy policy here.

What kinds of file formats will you accept for AudioBooks and Spoken Word content?

The input formats for audiobooks are preferred in the WAV format.  We also accept high quality MP3 files (192 kbps or greater).   Please note that teleconference or phone recordings are not accepted by most major retailers.

What kinds of file formats will you accept for eBooks?

The input formats we will accept are ePUB, Microsoft Word doc, PDF, html, and txt (NO embedded fonts). When you upload a file, we will convert the file to ePUB format for free.  Some eBooks may require special formatting and we will let you know if that is the case with your document.  PDF files will incur a $59 conversion charge due to the extra time it takes for conversion. You will be contacted with details after we review your file.

What does a non-exclusive license mean to me?

AudioInk was founded by authors and speakers whose livelihood depends on selling content through multiple channels.  Retail distribution is just one of many channels to sell your content.  This non-exclusive license means that you are able to freely sell your content to your customers, corporations, websites and back-of-room events.

What are your Terms of Service?

The terms are quite simple.  We set-up your materials for a 60-month term, which is non-exclusive.  We manage your retail distribution…you are free to sell your content any other way you desire, just as long as the same title is not sent into retail after AudioInk distributes your material.  If you find a retailer that is not serviced by AudioInk, no problem!   Click here for a copy of the distribution agreement.

How are royalties from ebook and audiobook sales paid?

Once a quarter we issue payment to your PayPal account or will mail you a check.  PayPal is required for authors outside of North America.

What is an ISBN and why do I need one?

An ISBN is a unique identifier used by publishers, retailers and libraries for physical books, eBooks and audiobooks.  Retailers standardize  their systems on ISBN codes.  If you do not have an ISBN number, we will permanently assign one to your product and register your product information correctly in the global ISBN database.

What are your fees?

AudioInk includes a FREE basic conversion to the ePUB format* and/or audio formats, for products distributed to major retail partner stores.  Click the links for pricing on eBooks, audiobooks and physical books.

* some complicated conversions (if your eBook has tables, graphs, graphics, video, audio or special formatting needs) may require an additional fee.

What are your royalty rates?

We designed this service so your needs are aligned with our needs….we want to sell as many products of yours as humanly possible.  You keep 70% of all your earnings after our retail partners take their cut.  We invite you to shop & compare…this royalty rate is unprecedented and is a game changer in the book publishing business.  The percentage AudioInk retains is for providing high quality product development & pricing, combined with expert distribution.  We save you time, eliminate the guesswork and remove the technical hurdles of creating ePUB, InDesign files, MOBI files…all for a very low price.