How It Works

Simply provide AudioInk with your book manuscript or audio recording along with a 500 word description, your biography, title and optional subtitle for your content.  You can save on cost by supplying your own Cover Art or you can choose to work with our Professional Designers to create eye-catching Cover Art that uniquely represents your title.  We can also assign your work a unique ISBN barcode.  In just a few steps your product is available worldwide through our all-star cast of online retailers!


Want to add to WOW to your eBook? With AudioInk you can choose to add video or audio to make your eBook an interactive experience reaching all learning styles.  Would you like some help with formatting and editing your manuscript? We have specialists on staff qualified to create a professional final product for you.


Do you need help in grabbing the attention of your listening audience? Hire AudioInk to provide professional voice talent to record your intro and outro or add a music clip to the beginning or end of your audio.  We have the talent and experience to transform your RAW recording into a world-class audio presentation.


With AudioInk your eBook or audio recording will instantly be available to retailers including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, KOBO, Google Books, iTunes and many more world-class retailers.  See our audiobook pricing or eBook pricing for details.


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