Motivation, Management & Leadership Speaker Kevin L. McCrudden Attending AudioInk Conference

“Mr. Motivation,” Kevin L. McCrudden will be announcing the release of his new book, “Who Are You?” when he attends the AudioInk Writer’s Academy in Seattle September 21st through 23rd, hosted by AudioInk Publishing President, Bryan Heathman.
September 13, 2012 – Seattle, WA – One of the leading motivational, management and leadership speakers in America, Kevin L. McCrudden will attend the Writer’s Academy Weekend Workshop hosted by Bryan Heathman, Dawn Jones and AudioInk Publishing.  The workshop is focused on book marketing techniques for authors, professional speakers and publishers.
McCrudden, “Mr. Motivation,” is the only motivational and leadership speaker in America to ever have a day of recognition passed by The United States Congress acknowledging the importance of “motivation and inspiration” in our daily lives.  Congress passed H. Res. 308 after the tragic events of 9-11-01 acknowledging January 2nd of every year as National Motivation & Inspiration Day©.
Mr. McCrudden has just released his first book, “Who Are You?” through AudioInk, where he introduces his “21st Century Multidimensional Hierarchy of Needs©,” which is considered the most significant addition to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in 60 years.

The AudioInk author’s weekend retreat is scheduled for September 21-23, 2012 in beautiful Seattle, kicking-off with an author reception featuring Washington State wines on Friday September 21.  Authors will learn best seller marketing formulas and tools from New York Times best selling guest speakers.  This seminar will equip authors to become well-known authors and sought-after speakers with a “paint by numbers” marketing formula for product development, retail distribution and promotion.  The seminar is geared towards professional speakers who are publishing an ebook, audiobook or physical book.


McCrudden is an international speaker and leader in motivation, management and leadership.  He has worked with management and sales teams from many of the largest organizations in America and is creator of one of the first “media convergence models” in America back in 1999.

About AudioInk
AudioInk boasts a powerful network of online retailers, providing worldwide distribution for self published authors and publishers.  AudioInk’s retail network covers retailers representing 85% of worldwide book sales including such industry leaders as Apple’s iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KOBO and dozens more.


Founded in 2011, AudioInk Publishing, a division of Made For Success, Inc., is dedicated to providing authors and speakers the opportunity to make their Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Speeches and other content available to leading retailers. AudioInk provides generous royalties and full service to extend the greatest opportunity to self-published authors. Great or small, everyone should have full access to distribute their work successfully.  AudioInk’s President Bryan Heathman says “You tell the story, we tell the world.” Kevin L. McCrudden
Kevin L. McCrudden is one of the most dynamic and creative speakers and entrepreneurs in America today.  He is a serial entrepreneur and the only motivational and leadership speaker to ever have a day of recognition passed by The United States Congress.


He is President of Motivate America, Inc.; Founder of National Motivation & Inspiration Day©, which is January 2nd of every year; He is creator of The American Motivation Awards© and Publisher of Soccer Long Island Magazine; and he is the voice behind the Local Media Association’s Media Sales Certification Program, the leading national media sales and management certification program for media salespeople and media sales managers.

Kevin is a former professional soccer player; candidate for public office and now a published author of “Who Are You?”, as well as having several published ebooks and audiobooks, “The Commencement,” “The Extraordinary Dad” and “Success Training”with some of the leading motivational and leadership speakers in the world, including: Zig Ziglar; Les Brown; Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy to name only a few.

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