Physical Book Printing for Self Published Authors

The world of paper bound books has changed dramatically in the past ten years with the unprecedented growth of digital printing. Today, both the design and distribution of physical books have gone through dramatic changes….changes for the better!  Never has the time been better for an self published author.


With the popularity of self publishing books, it is economical to produce spectacular books even with low volume printing.  But the biggest benefit of using AudioInk Publishing to create your physical book is that we have structured our Operations to make every book printed compatible with distribution systems used by the world’s largest bookstores and libraries.


What this means, is that any bookstore in North America who chooses to order your book can pull inventory on-demand.  The same goes for any public library.  This important distinction will make a material difference in your success as a self published author, as you will also enjoy passive royalty income.


But wait, there’s more!  Your book can also be printed on-demand in the UK.  And Australia.  And Germany.  And Brazil.  This saves enormous freight costs to distribute your book worldwide.  This also allows retailers in these countries to order books locally, in their own currency.


Will your local bookstore be able to order inventory?  You bet! 

Will the a buyer at Barnes & Noble be able to buy your book?  You bet!

Are all the shipping and handling logistics taken care of for bookstore orders?  You bet! 

Can you order a small quantity of books to ship to your location?  You bet!

Can you sell books off your own website?  You bet!

Can you ship inventory to the hotel for my upcoming speaking engagement?  You bet!

What makes AudioInk Designers better than other self-publishing companies? Let us Show you!

Below are samples of interior layouts created by our staff of professional designers. Your book, Uniquely designed by our staff to match Your Books Look and Feel.

For Sample Cover Layouts Click Here

The Letters

Why Women

An Adventure

Holy Spirit


For Sample Cover layouts CLICK HERE

Need Proof Editing or Content Editing Services? Our team of Professional, Creative Editors and contract writers will get your manuscript ready for print. We offer an array of professional editing services.

Give us a call at 425-526-6480 and we can provide a customized quotation on your book printing along with special package deals.  We are here to answer your questions.

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