Publish Your eComic!

Hello and welcome to AudioInk.  If you’ve arrived here its probably because you have a comic or webcomic and are considering taking advantage of our services and allowing us to publish your comic to worldwide distribution through iTunes, Amazon, Barns and Noble, and other great eBook stores.

I would like to personally thank you for stopping by our site.  As an author myself and an avid webcomic reader I set out to provide the best possible value to authors and artists when designing our system.  I know through personal experience just how hard it is to grow and maintain a fan base, and just as importantly, translate that readership into a living.

AudioInk fills the two big hurdles in the path of comic and webcomic success, it helps broaden the scope of your content’s searchability and visibility, while providing an excellent source of royalty revenue to the creators.

What we do is vary simple, using a non-exclusive (you keep all rights) contract we convert your comic into ePubs compatible with each major eBook retailer and make it available in their company stores.  This is not a PDF that sometimes works with a clunky viewing program on hit or miss systems but actual eBooks bought through iTunes, Amazon, Barns and Noble stores, and more.  They function fluidly on the reader’s PCs, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and more.

When it comes to visibility there are three things that drive readers to your comic.  The first is the most important, and that is word of mouth and reviews.  The vary essence of viral content is that it viewers can read, reference, and rate the content they are consuming.  Webcomics only provide a single way to read and reference the content and little to no bonafide rating system.  When your work is available in eBook stores your fan base finally has a recognized and universal rating system they can use to show their love.

The second necessary factor of visibility is getting your content to appear as many times as possible to your readers.  A reader almost has to be specifically looking for a webcomic in order to find it these days because creators are bound by their own websites and wherever they may fall in search results.  If you are available in eBook stores  readers will have multiple new opportunities to ‘stumble across’ your work.  This, when combined with the flexibility of the devices and the quality of content on eReaders multiplies the availability of your comic exponentially.

Finally there is your search ranking, which while tied to the available of your comic is so important to success that it must be addressed on its own.  Google and other search engines ‘value’ certain websites more heavily in search results because they are ‘trusted.’  Unfortunately for us, as authors and artists, google has no way to know just how awesome and trustworthy we are; and because of that they value word results on such sites as Amazon and B&N far more heavily than our own.  This, however, can be used to your advantage.  When you show up in eBook stores your work suddenly appears on the search engine radar, in new ways.

When all of these things are combined with your webcomic you can be sure that browsers can turn into readers, and turning those readers into profit is the hard part that AudioInk is truly here to help.  AudioInk offers its content creators seventy percent of the royalties.  Compare that with any other for profit publisher.  We plan on your comic selling.  Unlike old school publishing our relationship with our content creators is symbiotic rather than parasitic.  In fact our conversion fee is only two hundred dollars.

Given the new exposure, your existing fan base, unheard of royalties, and our low conversion fee I’m sure you can see just how profitable the AudioInk system is for webcomics.  Depending on how your comic is priced you would only need to sell a few dozen copies to cover the cost of publishing.

Getting started is easy, all you need is a zipped copy of your work, a cover, and a few details about yourself and your comic and you are ready to begin.  The process is easy and straightforward.  But if you find yourself having problems please don’t hesitate to email or call me.  I would love to help you through the process and publish your comic into worldwide distribution.

Joshua Done

Business Development and Operations