We provide generous royalties and light costs to authors and speakers in an effort to extend the greatest opportunity to meet your publishing needs. 


The royalties from AudioInk are derived from a-la-carte purchases as digital downloads, online retail distribution, subscription services, pre-loaded hardware devices, and as physical audio CDs. 


  • You keep 70% of your royalties and the rights to your book or audio
  • You receive quarterly royalty payments automatically deposited into your selected paypoint OR by check
  • You receive quarter sales reporting
 Low Costs:

With our a-la-carte purchasing plan, you can pick and choose the services you want AudioInk to do for you.  If you have a knack for words, but have trouble with creatively designing Cover Art, or if you have that creative flair, but grammar is not your thing, then we are there for you!  See audiobook pricing or ebook pricing for details.