The Psychology of Running Your Brain eBook

The Psychology of Running your Brain

High Achievement, Mind/Body Connectivity, & Peace of Mind

By Dr. Larry Iverson

  • Retail:  $19.95
  • Release Date: April 10th 2011
  • Genre:  Self Help / Personal Growth
  • Publisher:  AudioInk
  • ISBN:  978-1-61339-040-5
  • Enhanced eBook with embeded video!
  • Self help the way only Iverson can help.
  • Contains: Energize Your Mind, Achieving Greatness, The 5 Steps to Peak Performance, The Science of Change Management, Intentional Living, Fire Up Your Brain, How to Overcome Stress & Pressure, and The 3 Keys to Exceptional Achievement.

Are there things you desire to improve in your life—relationships, health, happiness, money?  Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a negative whirlpool, and feel overwhelmed?  Do you want to know how to stimulate whole brain thinking—instead of just using only part of your brain?  Would you like to learn a way to rapidly control your mental and emotional reactions when stressed or when change hits?  Do you think it would be helpful to know a strategy to better handle negative people?  In this program you will learn all this and much more.  Master these skills taught by Dr. Larry Iverson in this amazing book, and create a better life for yourself.

• Gain a strategy to learn faster and trigger whole brain functioning.
• Learn a tactic used by US Special Forces to overcome fears and stimulate peak performance.
• Know the #1 strategy for quickly and easily creating peace of mind.
• Learn 4 practices used by people who live to be over 100 years old for managing change and staying vital.
• Know how to bring negative mental states under control rapidly.
• Learn how to handle the #1 thinking pattern that creates feeling overwhelmed.
• Know why most goal methods fail and how to set goals so you will achieve them.

Author Bio: For nearly thirty years Dr. Larry Iverson has educated, motivated and entertained audiences.  From his work with Olympic and world-class athletes to the main platform of Fortune 500 conferences, Larry delivers persuasion and communication strategies you can apply right now. Larry blends vision with his background as a Clinical Psychologist in guiding you on an insightful journey, while you develop insights that assist your personal development.   Larry masterfully uses enthusiasm and humor to help you gain control in your life.

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The Psychology of Running Your Brain