SkillBites Supports National Read Across America Day

AudioInk Publishing is pleased to announce a promotional campaign for one of our Publisher clients Skillbites, who use AudioInk Publishing for bulk ebook conversion and distribution services:

Customers can acquire free eBooks on March 1, 2013 in support of National Read Across America Day


Valley Forge, Pa. –SkillBites, an innovative online resource center offering quick, easy-to-absorb and easy-to-implement training materials, is supporting the National Read A Book Day by allowing anyone to acquire the eBooks on its site for free. Most people know that to maintain a competitive edge they have to keep their skills sharp, but don’t have time in their busy schedules to read a book or take a class.  Through SkillBites (, people can learn key business – and  lifestyle – skills in a fraction of the time that it would take them through other learning methods.  On March 1, 2013, they can now obtain those skills at no cost.


Visitors to the website will be able to download individual SkillBites, simple-to-use media files providing essential information in plain English and in an easy-to-absorb format, at no cost by using the coupon code FREE SKILLBITES.  Each SkillBite takes just minutes to read and provides the key elements of the subject, as well as practical tips and techniques.


SkillBites are available on a wide variety of different topics, covering both business skills and lifestyle skills.  Users interested in sharpening their business skills can learn the essential elements of effective negotiating, the keys to successful sales and how to use Twitter, for example, while on  the lifestyle side, they can learn valuable skills such as how to ace a job interview, how to meditate and how to train a puppy. The SkillBites resource center adds new SkillBites regularly.


SkillBites authors are experts recognized in their fields for their specific knowledge and skills.  Michael Tasner best-selling author of Marketing in the Moment: the Practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Your Customers First, authored a terrific SkillBite eBook called The Complete Guide to Twitter Traffic.  Using this SkillBite, readers will learn basic to intermediate-level tips that will help them increase their traffic on Twitter, from choosing the right user name, to designing an engaging landing page, actively participating in Twitter communities and automating campaigns, all in under 20 minutes.  “Traffic, SEO, leads, what more could you want from a social network? Tasner shows you the way with The Complete Guide to Twitter,” says Sarah Silverson, founder of The Silverson School and SkillBites reader.


“We are pleased to be able to support the National Read Across America Day,” says founder Judy Weintraub.  “We want to help others learn the essential skills to accomplish their objectives and gain the confidence to do so, by giving them the opportunity to read the valuable eBooks on our site.”


About SkillBites™


SkillBites is a convenient resource center that provides useful information that can be absorbed and implemented in a fraction of the time of other learning methods, enabling people to get results sooner. Further information about the company and the resources available can be found at

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