Press Release – Free Marketing Technique to Promote a Book for Self Published Authors

Authors are continuously seeking inexpensive, yet effective, book marketing techniques to promote their books and audiobooks.  Author Gary Patterson demonstrates how to use a Press Release to create more”bang for the buck ” with this clever PR strategy.


Gary is a CFO by training and writes books on enterprise risk management.  To tie-in to current national news, Gary distributed a press release focused on how business owners can take advantage of the dramatically changing tax laws.  Because this topic is in the national news, organic search traffic from Google and other large websites are likely to pick-up keywords in his press release thereby driving free traffic to his book listing on


By combining current news with a promotional discount on his book, Gary is taking steps to overcoming the #1 common problem shared by all authors…the problem of obscurity.  With so many new Gary Patterson, The Fiscal Doctorbooks getting submitted to, the competitive landscape for your book getting “discovered” by readers keeps getting slimmer with every passing month.  By creating some buzz, authors can rise above the noise and stand out.


What current events tie-in to the topic of your book?  See how Gary is working to stand-out in this clever Press Release.







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