Why Does BN.com Sell a Greater Mix of eBooks than Amazon?

According to Bowker Market Research, published in Publishers Weekly, the big Internet retailers accounted for 39% of all book sales in 2011, up from 30% in 2010.

The two biggest Internet book retailers are BN.com and Amazon.com.  But, here is where it gets interesting.  Take a look at how their sales break down between physical books and e-books.  Also notice the physical book sales from Amazon, perhaps in part to free shipping deals from Amazon.  Check this out:
The percentage of sales at BN.com breakdown as such:
35% of sales are trade hardcovers
29% of sales are e-books
27% of sales are trade paperbacks
4% of sales are mass market
1% of sales are audio books
The percentage of sales on Amazon.com breakdown as such:
38% are hardcover
38% are trade paperback
13% are e-books
4% are mass market
1% are audio books
Bryan Heathman is the Publisher of AudioInk Publishing, a company dedicated to acheive extraordinary results for self-published authors.

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