What is an eBook?

Thank your interest in publishing eBooks through AudioInk Publishing.  We are a bit different from most publishers, in that you earn the vast majority of royalties AND we help you fight the battle of obscurity in the eBook marketplace with clever marketing advice.

It all begins with a great eBook.  But that begs the question ‘is an eBook necessarily the same as a regular book’?  The answer is ‘not really.’  An ebook can be the same as a regular book such as an eBook version of your favorite novel or self help series, but eBooks offer us something more.  An eBook can be almost anything you put into words for people to read, enjoy, and learn from. Here are several eBook ideas from successful authors to help get your ideas flowing:

1.         Transcriptions:  Laura Stack, author of SuperCompetent (Wiley) and 2011 President of the National Speakers Associations, has transcribed a series of 30 audio recordings into eBooks.  Therefore, the time spent scripting a recording or the time spent performing can be transcribed and edited into eBooks.  With a quantity of eBook Titles in the marketplace on various Productivity subjects (i.e. sales, leadership, parenting, etc.), Laura’s eBooks are getting found in multiple Google searches and are turning into cash with a minimum of effort.  Your transcriptions can be outsourced through services like eLance and can be edited by you or a friend.

2.         Blog Posts & Newsletters:  Do you write a newsletter or manage blog posts on a regular basis?  If so, combine several related articles into a multi-chapter eBook on the topic of your expertise.  Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel, author of A New Breed of Leader (Penguin), has a philosophy of doing at least 3 things with everything she writes – blog posts, email newsletters and eBooks.  She is getting a 3 for 1 on the time spent communicating her ideas on effective Leadership principles.

3.         White Papers:  Willie Gevers, an economist who helps wealthy clients manage large investment portfolios, has converted his white papers into eBooks.  With his eBooks published in Barnes & Noble and Borders, his clients have a greater respect for his work as a published author.  His published eBooks also give him an edge with prospective clients who find his practical advice helpful via major search engines like Bing and Google.  Willie enjoys the benefits of getting paid while sourcing new clients simultaneously.

How can these ideas be applied to your business?

About AudioInk:

AudioInk distributes your content internationally through online retailers including iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Borders and Amazon.  In exchange for a $5 monthly administration handling fee for accounting, you earn a 70% royalty on your work.  It’s that simple.

To get started simply follow this link and follow our step by step process.  You’ll be amazed how easy it is, and before you know it you’ll be published!